Committee Members & Meetings

Committee Members

All committee members are voted in at the Annual General Meeting (usually in July) – you can also join throughout the year once voted in at a normal committee meetings. To see current / previous committee members, please select the appropriate year below:

2023 / 2024 | 2022 / 2023 | 2021 / 2022 | 2020 / 2021 | 2019 / 2020

If you feel that a member of the SECra committee has not acted appropriately, then please either contact another member of the committee that you feel comfortable with to raise your concern or email which will then be managed by the Chair.

Committee Meetings

Our annual General Meeting is usually held in July and there are at least 3 other committee meetings through the year. Everyone that lives, works or plays in the Sunray & Egmont Community is welcome to come along to the meetings, raise any issues with the committee and make suggestions or ask questions.

All agenda, minutes and recordings are stored and available for anyone to access on our Google drive here:

Committee roles

Everyone that lives, works or plays in the Sunray & Egmont community is automatically a member of the residents association and are welcome to take part and get involved in all the events, projects and initiatives on offer.

You can also volunteer to help organise, assist with or be more deeply involved in any of the events, projects and initiatives without having to be on the committee.

However, if you would like to be more involved in the running of residents association, provide guidance, insight, knowledge and input into our direction or would like to lead a project or initiative, then you will need to join the committee.

The committee meets every 2 months to discuss and plan ahead and has informal, project/initiative meetings when required – as well as a WhatsApp group to chat & ask questions. Generally, each committee member will be involved in at least one main project or initiative and it is this that they will concentrate on, adding their thoughts, ideas or any feedback they may have on other areas covered by the committee when appropriate.

The committee itself is made up of the following roles:

Chair / co-Chair:
Responsible for running the committee meetings, ensuring all members are heard. Has an overall view of all projects and initiatives and helps provide guidance and direction for discussions and future projects / initiative ideas. Also ensures all communications are in line with the aims & objectives of the residents association and assists with any funding applications, proposals or reporting requirements. The chair also has the casting vote should it be required.

Supports the Chair with all of the above and steps in if the Chair is unavailable for any meetings.

Responsible for tracking the finances of the residents association, ensuring that all project leads account for income and expenditure and paying suppliers where required. Provides a statement of account at each committee meeting and manages all correspondence with our banks / financial institutions. Ensures the financial books are in order at the end of each year and arranges the annual independent audit of the accounts, presented at the AGM (or the nearest meeting after).

Responsible for organising the committee meetings (arranging the date/time/place) and drafting the agenda. Takes notes during the committee meetings and creates the meeting minutes shortly after the meeting. Also assists the Chair in gathering updates and feedback from the project leads for the meetings and AGM.

General members:
Generally involved in one or more projects / initiatives and focused on delivering the objectives for that project / initiative. Provides feedback and updates to the committee about the project / initiative and discusses any challenges or ideas affecting the project. Also gives input into other areas not covered by their project, providing a balanced view, feedback and ideas gathered from the wider community.

If you would like to join the committee, you will need to be voted in at the AGM or initially seconded at a committee meeting. All members of the committee must be voted in at the next AGM.

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