Projects & Initiatives

Health & Wellbeing

This project focuses on the personal health and wellbeing of everyone in the community and includes:

weekly Tea & Chat sessions – come along for a cuppa, grab a biscuit, cake or pastry. Chat with others, maybe play a game or join in an activity

Wellbeing sessions and information – organised by our volunteers, RBK services and other providers around the borough

To find out more, please email

Sunray Stars

Sunray Stars

To help our young generation be more involved in the community, make their voices heard and provide some specific focused activities and events, this group will be primarily run by it’s young members with guidance and supervision from adult members of the committee – if you would like to join, please email

Healthy Streets

Healthy Streets

As part of our initiative to brighten up the Sunray & Egmont Estate, make the service roads more accessible and useful and to provide information points around the estate, we will be working over the next few weeks, months and years to install various signs, noticeboards, murals, planters and more!

This project includes:

Monthly Litter Picks – meet on Bransbury Lane green at 10am on the first Saturday of the month (not during winter months), bags & litter-pick devices provided.

Alley Clearances – while we would ideally like everyone to keep their alley clear, sometimes fly-tipping and overgrown weeds/plants means we step in with local volunteers to help clear an alley

Alley Gardens – some alleys have a lot of empty space next to the path used by cars and by removing all the overgrown weeds / plants and replacing them with raised beds, small benches or tended plants/trees we aim to make these areas somewhere residents can enjoy looking at, reduce fly-tipping and potentially provide fruit & veg for people.

SunrayRecycle logo


Our aim is to reduce landfill and help create a cleaner environment & future for everyone.  To do this, we collect plastics for Terracycle (and we earn pennies to support our community at the same time!) and help & encourage people to re-use / re-purpose as much as possible.

You can join the Facebook Group to find out more and we have a WhatsApp group ‘SunrayRecycle’ – if you would like to be added to this, please let us know your name & mobile number by emailing or send a text to 07886 552574

We are a 100% volunteer run initiative and sort through donations by hand, so please ensure all items are placed into the correct sections/bins at the Drop-off location.

Drop off location is at:
SunrayRecycle bins, at the entrance to Knollmead Allotments,
Knollmead, Surbiton (Tolworth), Surrey KT5 9QP

Google Maps:

WARNING: please be careful of fingers, hands & heads, when lifting the bin lids as wind can blow them shut!

Sunray Free Food Market

Did you know, the Co-Op in Malden Manor, Kingston Road and Ellerton Road donate food to us that is on its end of shelf life and volunteers from SECra collect, sort and then put it out for anyone to come and take what they fancy.

Food is usually available on Thursday, Friday & Saturdays evenings (normally around 9:30pm) from the Sunray Community Hall.

Please text Janine on 07886 552574 for more information or to join the WhatsApp group, which is where the days/times and what’s available is posted.

Community Events

Community Events

We run various community events throughout the year, providing fun and enjoyment to everyone in the community. We plan to run events at Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas along with additional events alongside any significant local, national or global events.

Keep an eye on the local notice boards, our website, Facebook and WhatsApp groups for details or email

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